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We are The Collective, a property company with a different perspective. We are young, ambitious and take a deeply creative approach to the work we do. We understand the lives and perspectives of young people, because we share them. So we strive to create amazing new places to make their lives better. We believe in the power of places. They are where meaningful connections, real communities, and lasting experiences happen. So we are creating a new breed of places purpose built for modern life. Our mission is to redesign the world around our generation. So we create better places for young people to live, work and play. We are redesigning the places we live, creating beautiful, affordable homes that share in the benefits of a genuine community. We have an existing portfolio and development pipeline of 1,500 beds across London. We are redesigning the places we work, creating flexible working spaces and supportive environments that help entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life. We have our flagship workspace up and running at our HQ at 14 Bedford Square, and three new workspaces opening in the next six months. We are redesigning the places communities come together, with projects like Pop Brixton transforming disused spaces into hubs of activity, entertainment and enterprise.