The Cross+ng, Central Saint Martins

A professional platform for innovation and creative insights

London, United Kingdom

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The Cross+ng is a professional platform for innovation and creative insights from the heart of Central Saint Martins. Following over a decade of successful collaborations in creative intelligence services, The Design Laboratory saw an opportunity in expanding this side of their activity into a full and comprehensive platform. Being based at Central Saint Martins, the team has direct access to the core of fresh thinking and sits at the centre of a unique ecosystem. Through The Cross+ng, The Design Laboratory aims to create an inspiring environment that connects the CSM Community and the world. It is a curated, multi-layered platform that explores alternative futures and viewpoints, inviting users to reflect on creative disciplines and society through the lens of design. We believe that the how and why says more than the what. The Cross+ng is also a destination for brands who are looking to commission tailored services. It will provide them with fresh perspectives relevant to their industry and specific to their needs, while making design-thinking accessible to a wider audience.

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