The Movement Movement

The independent magazine by and for women in sport.

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The Movement Movement is a new independent print magazine for women in sport. It is an entirely inclusive space for all women and non-binary people to explore movement in all its forms, from professional sport to whatever ways we move in our everyday lives. This magazine is built to change the male-orientated, male-organised and perfectionism-obsessed narrative around sport and to give women the platform to tell their own stories on movement - whatever it means to us - for the first time in the indie mag space. Issue 00 - The Starting Line brings voices together from across Europe to create a design-led conversation that is truly honest and a step away from the 96% of male voices in the sports media space. In doing so, The Movement Movement champions dualities. The joyous and the awful. The painful and the blissful. The winning and losing. The long and the short. Glossy is boring. Honesty isn’t. ISSUE 00 IS OUT NOW.

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