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We are committed to building a sustainable, community-driven platform that disrupts the traditional media landscape by celebrating authenticity and amplifying underrepresented joy. In traditional media, there is inequality in representations of joy, often focusing on the trauma of marginalised groups. These representations perpetuate bias, stereotypes and negativity. We will never shy away from the issues that matter to our community, vowing to share the richness of our experiences, of which struggle is an inevitable part. That being said, we believe that joy is a form of rebellion. We are so much more than the issues we face, and each person deserves to see themselves thriving, positively represented and empowered by the media they consume. TNE exists to serve your whole self. We keep joyful expression, uplifting and empowering editorial standards at the heart of our content as a reminder of the better world we want to see; The New Equilibrium.

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