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A leading network for creative, ambitious women. So much of our personal and professional time is spent online connecting through heavily curated personal narratives, digital snapshots and 140 character limits. This ability to self-brand is part of what facilitates a portfolio career, and of course it’s valuable! But we also need spaces where you can enjoy nuance and authenticity without the glare of a screen or an Instagram filter. Making time for IRL encounters, and building off-line networks, is for us, the best tonic. And this is what The Quarter Club is all about! We are open to all people who identify as female, who work and/or think creatively. It is a space to reach sideways as well as upwards for inspiration – a space to be authentic and to share stories, ideas and creativity. Every Quarter, we host a big beautiful Salon on a particular theme. So far we’ve had Courage, Balance, Decision, Satisfaction & Power. We then fill the months in-between with skills based Quarter Labs, Speak Easies and Pitching Parlours. We are led entirely by the needs of the network, and we’re always open to hear about your ideas for new events / projects. So JUMP IN, join us here or in person at our next event and if near is actually pretty far, keep in touch – we’ll be expanding around the UK soon. Our first Bristol Salon is taking place in October 2017!

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