The Viral Agency

Think. Create. Share

London, United Kingdom



The Viral Agency are a Shoreditch based company specialising in viral and digital content. Our sole aim is to create engaging content that people like and share -as simple as that. Our services are split into three categories: • Thinking We think up infectious ideas, to be shared and create attention. No matter where, how or why an idea needs to be expressed, it just needs to begin with a good one. • Creating We create viral and digital content that not only is outstanding, but must stand out. Motivating people to watch, like and share. • Sharing We seed bespoke campaigns tailored for you, spreading conversation online and through social media. Encouraging people to comment, share and click. • FAQs - Viral? Do you spread disease? No. Viral content is a video that becomes popular through a viral process of Internet sharing, typically through video sharing websites and social media. Viral videos' staying power relies on hooks which draw the audience to watch them, the more engaging the content the better chance the video will be watched and shared. - Seeding? Are you part time gardeners? No. Our video seeding is broken into three stages: • Researching the target audience. Then approaching influential web and blog editors to share the content with their visitors. • Paid for placement on targeted platforms. Once content is posted on blogs, it is seen by a larger audience and further shared on social media. • Youtube promotion specifically targets an audience and the geographical location. This is researched and monitored throughout the campaign. - Sounds great, but exactly how much does a Viral Video cost? We are inspired by ideas, not budgets, and will always try our best to accommodate cost restraints. Feel free to get in touch, we will be more than happy to discuss our process more thoroughly. Sound good? Then get in touch. 02077299450