The WW Club

A space for working women worldwide.



The WW (or Working Women's) Club is inspired by my crew – a group of insanely smart, creative, focused, and driven women whom I was lucky enough to grow up around in my hometown of London, England. After moving Los Angeles in 2012, I missed these women more than I could've imagined - not least when it came to finding support and motivation in my working life (I'm a freelance journalist and moderator - read more about that over here). After two years spent complaining that I couldn't find anywhere to meet and work with likeminded women, I figured I should probably stop whining and do something about it. At the start of 2015, I decided to build a space - both physical and virtual - that I hoped would be a meeting ground/support network for working women in LA and beyond. Named with a tongue-in-cheek nod to the traditional Working Men's Clubs that once existed across the UK, The WW Club is a place for women to meet, collaborate, learn, hang out...and maybe swap business cards over a happy hour drink. The first 'real life' gathering took the form of a pop-up work and event space in the Downtown Los Angeles in January 2015. Since then, I've hosted freelancer meet-ups, dinner parties, talks, and cocktail hours in LA, New York City and London. Please subscribe to the blog, follow the Club on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and - most importantly - join the Club to stay updated on future events worldwide.

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