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160 characters: *Inclusively, daringly forwards* Equity consultancy. Creative disabled talent changing the culture to make equity the default. #ThisAbility ThisAbility – Inclusively, daringly forwards. This is our golden spiral: OUR WHO We're an equity consultancy. We're creative disabled talent changing the culture to become the culture. By being bold, being wild, being fearless we can develop new abilities through creative collaborations and sharing adventures. ThisAbility is at the forefront of genre-defying, boundary-pushing creative excellence, and inclusivity for people who happen to have a disability from across the world. With the leadership of our badass Founder and CPO (Chief Purpose Officer) Sulaiman Khan, we are making ourselves into the go-to consultancy (of any agency, brand, organisation, or professional anywhere) for bold, wild, and fearless work. So together, will rearrange culture and behaviours to make business (and the world) a healthier, more empathetic, fairer, kinder, and inclusive place for everyone. #ThisAbility Watch this space. "Shared Values + Shared Action​ = Shared Profit."​ – Cindy Gallop OUR WHY We believe in humanity and that in unison we can improve the world. We believe in people and the human spirit. We believe in the potential and the magic we have within us to thrive, not merely survive. We believe in doing what makes us feel alive and finding ourselves where we never thought, as well as getting our hearts beating faster and building business (and the world) into a better place for everyone. We believe in helping everyone move forward. We believe in consistent growth through discomfort and always taking action, even when it’s scary. We believe in doing great work that has a positive impact on people’s lives. We believe in equity first, over equality. We believe in creative disabled talent changing the culture to become the culture. We believe there is a better way to do business: One built on creativity, empathy, collaboration, bravery, authenticity, sustainability, equity, agility, resilience, endurance, curiosity, effectiveness (rather than useless noise), imagination, playfulness, inclusion, positivity, and innovation. We believe that we are all people and via disabilities, we are developing new abilities that have the power to enrich the creative industries Join #ThisAbility to evolve and grow together: Inclusively, daringly forwards. OUR HOW We are NOT a recruiter nor a business that gets every disabled person into work or a charity, as many fantastic organisations do that already. We are an equity consultancy of established creative talent in the UK driven by bold, wild, and fearless creativity, building upon mutual relationships between businesses and talent to generate respective value, joint growth, and to empower and enable talent to future-proof their careers. Enriching, educating, transformational. OUR WHAT We are supporting and celebrating creative disabled talent. We do this with equity consulting primarily through content creation and consulting for businesses, brands, agencies, and professionals. We also provide other services including (but not limited to) events, training, championship, and awards.

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