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Maidenhead, United Kingdom

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From day 1 Three has been a challenger and disrupter and has invested to innovate. Three is a true original. Built to deliver a network that gives people experience not technology. Because, we believe that tech is not the end, it’s the start. In 2003 Three entered the UK market by launching the UK’s first 3G network. Since then have racked up a significant number of firsts. We were the first to make mobile broadband accessible and affordable. First to offer face to face video calling. The first to introduce all you can eat data, when we launched the One Plan in 2010. The first to provide free 0800 calls. In 2014, while other operators were charging a premium for 4G – we gave it away to consumers for free. Innovating and challenging the status quo is still right at the heart of everything we do and what we stand for. Last year we launched Go Binge with access to Netflix, Deezer, TV Player and SoundCloud without it using our customer’s regular data allowance. We also extended our Go Roam offering with inclusive roaming in 71 destinations covering more than four fifths of customer trips.



REBA Employee Wellbeing Award 2018


  • We were awarded the ‘Employee Wellbeing Award 2018'. This recognises our efforts in actively supporting physical wellbeing among our people.

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