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Who we are In 2005, three university friends crammed into a garage in Düsseldorf, Germany and started building trivago. They were united by a passion for travel, an insatiable appetite for building better tech, and a determination to challenge the status quo. Today, those same forces unite over 800 talents from 55 different countries, serving over 6 million daily users around the globe. What we do We know that travel plays a vital role in life – helping you expand your point of view, express who you are, feel like your best self, connect with others, and experience something new – so we work everyday to build travel tech that enables you to get away more often. With our famous price comparison, activities, and inspiration – whatever your budget, whatever your mood, whatever a getaway means to you, we’ll help make it happen. Where we’re going Built upon our “core hotel search” foundation which aggregates prices for accommodations from top booking sites around the world, we’re branching out further to give you more reasons to go more often. Between trivago Magazine, the new trivago Weekend™, and our brand new “activities” feature, the world and all it has to offer have never been closer on trivago.

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