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London, United Kingdom


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Let's face it, renting a place to live in the UK is stuck in the dark ages. You spend HALF your income on rent and still get treated like a second- class citizen – urgent repairs that take weeks, noisy/rude neighbours, ridiculous/made-up sounding fees…the list goes on. Worse still, just when you find the place for you, that's the day you get a call from the estate agent saying the owner is moving back to town and you need to be out in a month. Every aspect of living in a big city has improved by leaps and bounds over the last 20 years. The only thing that hasn't changed is renting a flat. With our background in hotels and renting in Canada for over 40 years, we've decided to get off the side-lines and be part of the solution. UNCLE is that solution. It's a company that cuts out the corporate speak and applies common sense and hard work to give you what you rightly deserve for your hard-earned pounds. It's not about being perfect (or pretending to be). That's just impossible. It's about making real promises with consequences to us if we fail to deliver. We make mistakes, but we dust ourselves off and do our very best to fix your problems and delight you along the way.

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