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Unity is a new kind of creative agency that connects brands with people by turning them in to fans – we call it People Media. Yes we’re creative, but our creativity is applied to earning people’s trust, interest and love rather than buying it. Why? Because money can’t buy you love. John Lennon said that. We think getting millions of eyeballs is completely useless if you don’t get millions of hearts as well. It’s only natural that we do more for our friends than we do for strangers. What if your brand could make friends with people? It stands to reason, they would do more for you. When we like something we want to share it, and today we can share as never before… in fact, we think people are the most powerful media channel on earth. But how can brands make friends? It’s simple. Friends don’t just talk about how much they like you: they do things to show they care, that they get you, and value you. They listen, they share, they inspire, and above all they act in ways that make you feel loved…and when people feel loved, they love you back in ways that are very good for your brand. If you want to find out more, please get in touch – we love to make new friends.

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