UNSTATIC Technologies

We are an art + technology studio specialised in lighting

London, United Kingdom


UNSTATIC is an art + technology studio specialised in the use of light. From dynamic architectural lighting to screens, projections and lasers, we have experience in light in all its forms. We explore transforming physical places with the power of light, colour and sound to shape and modify our perception. We work in the space where digital and real-world meet. We torture technology to make it behave in artistic ways. We believe in the beauty of randomness and mathematics as the language of nature. We explore innovative ways to visualise data and create emotions with it. Our work can be active, evolving as time passes. It can be interactive, and reflect the spectator actions. And it can be reactive, using the accumulation of behaviours to represent the greater patterns that emerge from simple rules. We work from concept to execution and upkeep. We are based in London. We work worldwide.

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