Urban Massage Centre

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Address: Level 2, 123 Swanston Street Melbourne, Victoria 3000 Australia Phone: (03) 8395 7523 Email: relax@urbanmassagecentre.com.au Recently opened, Urban Massage Centre's entire mission is to offer the best quality at the most reasonable prices. Relaxation, both mind and body, do not have to weigh down your wallet. We're located right in the heart of Melbourne's CBD, in the Swanston Arcade. We've chosen this place with our objective in mind - easily accessible and central to the customers we wish to service: you. At Urban Massage Centre, our relaxation massage with oil wants to reach 3 things: relax, revive, and rejuvenate. Our therapists will expertly use a smooth and gentle style, at the right depths, to ensure our company offers you amazing relaxation experience possible. Similar to a Relaxation Massage with us, the Deep Tissue Massage's true difference is the amount of pressure applied. If you're looking out for your muscles to acquire a proper work-in, release muscle tension, or if you know there are muscle knots that need to be unwound, ask your Urban Massage Centre therapist for the Deep Tissue Massage. Here at Urban Massage Centre, we like to serve all of our client's needs. If you don't like the feeling of oil on your body, or would just like an easy and convenient way to relax, try our dry massage. Our specialists are qualified to assist you relax, revive, and rejuvenate, with or without oils.