Virtus Elementis

Creative Services : storyboard, illustration, concept design

London, United Kingdom

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Virtus Elementis is a Storyboard Artist studio based in London – provider of visualisation services for production of visual contents and beyond. V-E produce storyboard, concept design and illustration supporting producers and directors in developing TV commercials, animation, TV programme pitch, Music video and any media content which requires an effective visual storytelling assistance. Visualising any treatments: from comedic narrative script for TV commercials to edgy concept design creation for VFX – up to pre-production shooting boards for editorials, animation film and online branded content. V-E mission is to sell your idea following your direction. Communicating your vision and utilising the appropriate execution style and narrative language , providing full support on feedback within the whole editing process. The fast digital work-flow allows to deliver a range of different finishing: from quick director’s sketch boards to tight colour photo realistic frames. Clients include brands, ad agencies, production companies, animation studios, broadcasters, and music label

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