Wizbox - Soluções Digitais

London, United Kingdom


Wizbox intends to take care of all the digital route of a company functioning as a Digital Coach making the most of the experience of the their employees for the benefit of entrepreneurs, since the creation of the logo and stationary, the creation of the Web page to the presence in social media and Adwords. Wizbox has created an Exclusive Service where you will find a study an integrated Digital Consulting and Advertising services. We know exactly what you need. We know your requirements and have assertive and effective answers. Our experience makes us your ideal partner. We deal with all issues related to the creation of the domain, the website host, creating web page, graphic materials printing, computer advice, servers and backups,search engines ranking and social media management. Each Client is a unique case, which is why it is essential to build a specific plan. At Wizbox you will find a unique partner who will provide you with a Service devoted to understanding your business. We supply: Custom Meeting – framing your case; Structuring and assistance to decision; Assistance in every step of the installation; Digital support at all times. Contact us at info@wizbox.pt or +351 262 880 283