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Zinc builds new tech companies that solve the developed world’s toughest social issues. Learning from the successful innovation systems in computer and life sciences, Zinc combines insights from social sciences with top entrepreneurial talent and venture capital to build new, scalable, mission-led businesses. The Zinc Programme brings together 50 bright minds for 9 months to find their co-founders and build new commercial businesses from scratch. Each programme has a single mission, to solve a social problem which affects at least 100m people. Mission-Led Approach Each of our 9-month company-builder programmes is mission-led because we believe in the power of missions to mobilise the best talent, ideas and capital, to achieve scale of impact. We have 3 criteria for choosing a Zinc mission: 1. it must tackle one of the great unmet needs in the developed world; 2. the target addressable market must exceed 100m people in the developed world alone; 3. there must be lots of unexploited opportunities to disrupt, extend and improve existing services through new technologies and insights from research.

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