02 Be More Dog

As 02 diversifies from providing texts and minutes to providing innovative digital products like TuGo and 02 Tracks, they need their customers and potential customers to become more adventurous and open to trying their new digital products and services.

To prompt this new kind of adventurous behaviour, VCCP Kin developed 'Be More Dog', an integrated campaign that nudged the UK public to stop being so aloof and unimpressed (cat) and become more excitable and adventurous (dog).

An integrated campaign with a social idea at its heart, Be More Dog was delivered across print, TV, digital, outdoor and social media.

For two weeks, we created a social media mission control at VCCP Kin, dedicated to nudging the internet to be more dog. We ran 6 different activities both on & offline.

In totaal over 300 pieces of unique realtime content were delivered to online users.