19/02/22- London Fashion Week With Labrum

  • Grace Musungu


In August 2021, I took a leap of faith and decided to take a gap year just before entering 3rd year to pursue my dream of working in the Fashion industry. One of my goals within my gap year was to be part of London Fashion Week and volunteer/intern for one of my favourite London designers. However, the main designer I really wanted to work for was Labrum London (Foday Dumbuya), as I felt like I resonate with his work more.

Guess what? I ended up volunteering/interning for Labrum London during their London Fashion Week. I was extremely fortunate! Why you may ask?
I didn't have a lot of experience like the interns, I didn't go to a fashion based university like UAL or Istituto Marangoni or study a creative degree (you are currently reading a story of a Sport and Exercise Therapist student). Many people had links or connections to help them get their foot in to work in London Fashion Week, I didn't have anyone to direct me to who to message or contact.

However after researching and emailing every single person possible (I was detemined to work in London Fashion Week no matter what it takes), I ended up emailing the right person my CV and Cover Letter. A couple days later I recieved a phone call by one of the members of Labrum London asking if I am interested in helping them prepare for LFW.

Being there I picked up a lot of skills as well as experience in working with a designer their team and backstage of a runway. I got to meet and work with a lot of amazing people. I was even in the same space as one of my favourite stylist and creative director Ib Kamara .

One thing that stuck to me during my time working for Labrum London, I was told the person that hired me doesn't just hire anyone unless they think they have potential, the fact I lacked experience, it was my determination and kindness that enabled me to get the role.