20 and a uni dropout

Uni droppout, the worse right?
Well...not really
from the age of 14 ive been intruged by modern commercial buildings and residential buildings. So I went ahead and spoke to my school career advisor at the time, and she came to the conclusion the architecture was the pth to go for. Right from 14 till I started uni I thought I knew what I wanted to do, I was so sure that architecture was want I wanted to do. Howwwwwever..It was a different setting than I imagined, we would do drawings of roads and catherdrals, but I was thinking when would I do some building design or sometching. I later realised that the modules where mainly on-site construction and analyis. In my second year in January this I decided to drop out, hmm ..it wasn’t for me..I just wasn’t happy. I then started to take pictures of buildings and sceneries on my phon. ‘Lightbulbs‘ at that moment i realised that I was into architecture photography and not interested in constructing buildings.
the moral of the story is many people think they are sure of what the want to Do only to see that it’s right under their nose. And to those that still don’t know what route they want to take in life, Don’t stress...weigh out the things that bring you joy even if it’s for the fun of it, and Pinpoint from there
I am 20 and a uni dropout
I am 20 and also an aspiring Photographer in architecture and travel as well as a video editor
I want to have like a creatives brunch or even a get together with creative people and those that dropped out of uni. I would love to hear your stories xx
Uni droppout , now what?

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