2017: An Editorial Odyssey

«But please remember: this is only a work of fiction. The truth, as always, will be far stranger.» - A.C.C. & S. K.
2017: An Editorial Odyssey is a project commemorating Arthur C. Clarke's birth centenary (1917-2008), through an art edition of his saga of Space Odysseys. For the covers, these texts are translated into a language of symbols that communicate with the reader only once this has read the stories, and are made using materials that react to heat and light, making the reader act on the object, following the concept behind the books.
The project has been in charge of the design of a common graphic for the four books, a box that contains them and a secondary low cost edition, besides some elements of merchandaising.
It has sought to maintain a sober and elegant aesthetic according to the classic of the genre, making use at the same time of these uncommon materials to give it a strong and avant-garde character that renews its image in front of the new generations, now that we're at the dawn of space exploration.
The dossier was also a vital part of the design project, and some other graphics were rescued during the experimentation process, like Magnetic Drawings, Fluyd Drawings or Monolith Graphics.
2001: A Space Odyssey. Glow in the dark magnetometry to find the monolith in the Moon.
2010: Odyssey Two. Photochromic pigments disappear when the book is placed under the Sunlight. Why? The answers are in Jupiter.
2061: Odyssey Three. The mystery of the sudden mountain in Europe is sparkling. We must land on the satellite to know why these holographic pigments fit into our story.
3001: Final Odyssey. From the cold and impersonal black of the monolith, when the book is taken in the hands, the jacket reacts to the human’s heat and this leaves its momentary mark on it.

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Ivonne Gracia

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