20X20 Album and Singles

20X20 is a 3 year long project that has seen my design, illustrative and musical skills merge together to form Posterboy. My album ‘20X20’ follows the painfully average character Posterboy and his lazy insignificant life locked inside his 20 by 20 flat. Growing up watching American cinema religiously, we first meet him in search of the American dream. However, ‘24hrs In America’ is more than enough time for Posterboy to come to the realisation that the very foundations of his understanding of the world has been based on pure fiction. Unable to process the realities of the world, Posterboy decides to fabricate his own world within his flat, vowing to live inside the rest of his life. My final year was focused primarily on developing the character of Posterboy and the accompanying visual language for the ‘20X20’ album. I was inspired by cinematic visuals and stylistically by the work of Drew Struzan which would most likely have been plastered over his bedroom walls. The final album and artwork do not provide a concrete answer to the question; who is Posterboy? Posterboy could be you, Posterboy could be me, he could be the neighbour you only know exists because of the frequent the thudfrom above… Posterboy could be anyone. 20X20 shines a spotlight on those we overlook, it asks you to place significance on that which we take for granted. We’re all the superstar of our own worlds. Posterboy is, well, the poster boy of 2020. He's no starman sent from Mars, or a one eyed seductive spy with an expensive typewriter… he’s a monument to averageness. Step into Posterboy’s absurd 20 by 20 world this September when 20X20 will be released on all music streaming sites! Single coming soon…

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