#2HorasPorSemana - brief case study

#2HorasPorSemana (#twohoursperweek) was a campaign created for a portuguese NGO called Re-food by five team mates. The main goal of the campaign was recruiting voluntees from 16 to 80, so we had to create three targets and try as hard as possible to bridge and find contact points between them.
The campaign was laucnhed at the 1st of October, 2016 and finished at the 29th of November, 2016. Even though it was designed for online and offline, most of the campaign performanced online and it only developed itself on organic content only (so, we had 0% of promoted content).
Overall, the campaign's motto is that you only need #2hoursperweek to change 10 people's lives. We also tried to re-brand the "volunteering image", so we tried to make it more modern and close to volunteers.
Facebook launching video of the campaign:
It was the most viewed post of Re-food Olivais Facebook page. More than 13K saw the video, more than 150 reacted and more than 180 shared it. We didn't promote any content throughout all the campaign so this was organic based perfomance.
You can check the video here.
Above: Campaign's flyer with the characeters designed for the campaign.
The characters were designed by our designer (Ana Henriques), and each one of them had a personality built above common people's problems and "excuses" they usually gave to not volunteer.
Copy's translation: By helping, you help yourself (Left) // This can be you (right).
One of the campaign posters:
Copy's translation: With your head full? (above) // To relax you just need... (before the hashatag) #2hoursperweek.
One of the campaign posters:
Copy's translation: With your head full? (above) // When helping, you help yourself and you just need (before the hashatag) #2hoursperweek.
Some of the Facebook posts:
We tried to use real time trends when creating the posts.
Partnership with a portuguese influencer:
As well, we created some media partnerships to share the campaign.
+ 322 Likes (we wanted to go beyond the 3K and we did it).
+ 36 new volunteers.

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