3 Ways To Fit Film into your Lockdown Routine

    If you are struggling to fill your time, and are missing the days when you could walk into a movie theatre or onto a busy production set, I might be able to suggest some new ways you can still fit film into your life.

    Streaming Classics

    You’ve probably blown through all of the new shows at this point, but you can always turn your attention to some of the classic films on offer on Netflix/Hulu/Prime Video/Hulu. Be honest, how many times have you pretended to have seen a high-brow classic film when it was brought up in conversation? Don’t be caught out again. Use the time inside to fill in your film knowledge. You’ll emerge from this forced quarantine a bonafide culture connoisseur.

    I’ve put together this list of classic Ones To Watch and where you can find them.


    Plenty of film courses and festivals are being disrupted as a result of the lockdown measures. The silver lining to this is that many lecturers are moving their lessons online for free. You can still be part of the (virtual) conversation by tagging along to the events.

    Don’t forget the existing courses available online now too! Pluralsight are offering free access to all of their courses for the month of April. Take the opportunity to brush up on production programs you might have been struggling with in the past.

    Viewing Parties

    Who says isolation has to be lonely. Many companies and communities are hosting shared digital screenings for their audiences. All you need to do is sign up, add the Netflix Party extension to your Google Chrome, and turn up in time to see your favourite film. 

    We’ll be hosting our first viewing party soon, so stay tuned for more details on this page and on the STTG socials.

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