' 337 '

  • Mitra ( Dima Dobrovolskis )

One of my favourite projects so far. There was no budget, no expectation, no client, no pitching, no drama. Nothing. Just a friend, 11 years boy who asked my to make a short simple video how he drives on the motorcross track. I said "OK, BUT WE WILL DO IT MY WAY". I never did a sports video before, but I knew that I want to experiment with the editing, same as I usually do within the fashion format. We spent 2 hours on the track and 2 hours in the woods. I was pretty satisfied with the footage but I knew all the magic would happen in the post production. I spent quit a bit time of trying to figure out the rhythm for this film, how it should starts and how to end. I pretty sure I can make 2-3 more films out of the footage and they will look all differently. I remember watching raw footage of him jumping over the trampolines and thinking about the gravity. I started to read and looking for key words that can build an image in my head, and of course Gravity, the movie, pop out in the search, and right away I remembered a famous line from Gagarin: "Поехали!" (Let's go!), that he said just before the launching into the space. I thought that could be a great opening line. So, I started to watch dozens of Gagarin footage on Youtube. And I saw his interview to BBC channel: https://youtu.be/KSvAe7_GjJM I was blown away with it by his calmness while he was speaking about his incredible journey, and most important I knew that Richard Dimbleby opening line was exactly what I was looking for. I decided to take use and rethink the edit. A cherry on top was the music. A$AP Ferg's song "Floor Seats" works perfectly for this song. And, by the way, when I did this project I was still working in advertising agency as a creative, and it helped me to gain a self belief and pushed me to the idea: IF THIS IS SOMETHING I LIKE TO DO, MAYBE I SHOULD QUIT THE AGENCY AND DO THIS... A year later, I leaved the agency and started my career as a film director.