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    3D Product Placement Within a Human Heart

    We were engaged by Sync Interactive, a mobile application developer based in Birmingham, who needed some 3D work producing for a project they were then working on. They hadn't worked with any 3D artists or CGI before, so we made sure they understood all of the aspects of 3D production throughout the project.

    The project was to build a mobile application that allows a user to do a 360º rotation of an object by swiping across the screen, which will essentially pan back and forth through a sequence of images of a 3D object (to give the impression of 3D rotation - but without the strain of running the 3D animation itself on the iPad). The products are specialist medical heart valves and sheaths used for patients with various heart conditions.

    The products themselves are quite complex and fiddly, but will only be shown at a very small on the heart image on iPad, as this is not something that zooms. In terms of modelling the products we produced accurate product models as we always know that further down the line a client will ask for close ups, and this way the work is made future-proof.

    We modelled the heart from reference images we were given by the clients and also used images of pig hearts for textures, all created in Cinema 4D R15 along with the arrows at the top and bottom. In total we created four heart scenes: one for each of the product groups, as shown below. They needed all of the images on transparent backgrounds so they could add in their own background images.

    We also had to work out a way we could show the products inside or overlaid onto a heart model. We tried several solutions and the client liked the x-ray version best, so for a quick turnaround we rendered two passes; one the x-ray heart and the other the fully rendered textured model. Then we composited the PNG sequence in After Effects and masked off the areas to show the products within. In total we rendered 60 frames per 360º heart rotation and the client was extremely pleased. We knew we'd nailed it when the feedback we had was "that’s f***ing cool!"

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