4 Videographers talk inspiration and what's exciting them about the Creative Industries

The second in a three–part mini series in partnership with our friends at Squarespace.

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We wanted to champion just a few of the incredible Videographers on The Dots who are also using Squarespace to host and promote their work. We asked 4 Videographers about their biggest creative inspiration and what’s currently exciting them about the creative industries:

Adam Moore, Video Content Creative, Straight Up Grizzly Productions Ltd

Adam is a freelance London based content creative specialising in digital video. He has produced content for a range of clients such as Xero & Guinness World Records.
Who is your biggest creative inspiration?
I wouldn’t say that any one person inspires me more than others, as there are so many people out there doing amazing things. However, the people that inspire me the most are some of those I get to profile who are keeping a traditional craft alive. In a world where everyone’s trying to be the ‘Uber-of-something’, getting to talk to a skilled leather worker, a Saville Row tailor or a sideshow performer is an incredibly gratifying part of what I do. When you’re in an industry where everyone’s fighting over screen resolution and frame rates to stay relevant, it’s lovely to watch someone pick up a tool that hasn’t changed in hundreds of years and create something beautiful with it.
What is exciting you about the film and moving image industries at the moment?
There’s a company called Lytro (www.lytro.com) who just blow my mind. They make cameras that utilise a technology called Light Field Imaging, which allows you to change things like focus and depth of field in post production – physical attributes of a lens normally locked into your captured image. Their stills cameras have been around for a while now, but they have developed both cinema and VR versions that could really shake things up. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what impact it will have on the industry. I think it could not only revolutionise VFX, but also things like documentaries and news gathering where shots could be lost in the heat of the moment.
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Guy Mitchell, Videographer, Beyond The Box Films

In 2013 Guy Mitchell set up ‘Beyond The Box Films’ with his brother. The company is completely focused on producing creative and original video content working heavily with the Fashion & Music industries.
Who is your biggest creative inspiration?
I wouldn’t say it’s any one person. It’s people all over the world that have an innovative idea, and they make it happen. Whether it’s a film, advert, song, painting or even a business, the fact that someone has had that light bulb moment, and then created it, inspires me.
What is exciting you about the film and moving image industries at the moment?
Virtual reality film. This will create a massive opportunity for filmmakers to create the ultimate immersive experience. However, the challenge will be to create something that isn’t just a gimmick.
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Annick Wolfers, Freelance Photographer & Video Director

Annick is a freelance Photographer and Director based in London. Her clients include Sony, Vivienne Westwood, The Independent & Elle.
Who is your biggest creative inspiration?
I guess my work is inspired by lots of different things. Photography, films, music, art & people. But I have definitely always been fascinated with the magical, otherworldly notion of twilight – which seems to be a reoccurring theme in my work. The idea that something is in transition & the mystery of what happens next just really excites me. My background is photography so I naturally look to a lot of photographers for inspiration. I love imagining the story behind a single picture. At the moment I really like the work of Bill Henson.
What is exciting you about the film & moving image industries at the moment?
I think a lot of people would argue that digital technology has made film too accessible & so now everyone is making movies & the quality has dropped away. But I think that it also has opened up a very interesting side to it… The lack of financial barriers to entry means that stories are now being told that would otherwise have been forgotten. The cross pollination of different technologies nowadays is also something I find very exciting. I have experimented with 3D projections in the past on video projects & the results were mind blowing.
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Jamie Noel, Freelance Videographer

Jamie is a freelance videographer who works across Fashion, Music, Travel and Charity.
Who is your biggest creative inspiration?
I am besotted with Jane Campion, Holy Hunter and Joni Mitchell at the moment but it changes all the time. And of course I love Scorsese, Coppola and Paul Thomas Anderson. Too many influences to pin down.
What is exciting you about the film & moving image industries at the moment?
What excites me is oculus rift and augmented reality and trying to create narrative based content for those platforms.
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This is just a snapshot of 4 Videographers who we feel are owning their place on the web with a beautifully connected profile on The Dots and a tailored website on Squarespace.
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