• Sabrina Sihra
‘6 Of Spades’ is a short concept film, influenced by Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Alright’ music video. For my A-Level Media coursework, I was asked to create a short film based on the critical investigation we had to write. I constructed an essay around the question - ‘To what extent are rap/hip-hop music videos, like Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Alright,’ able to provide political or social commentary and how does this impact upon different audiences?’
I wanted to create a really striking, memorable piece of film so decided to film the main body as one consistent shot, following the main character through her journey - backwards. This film starts from the end and ends at the beginning, with the whole story being told in reverse and being tied together by the iconography of the 6 of spades playing card.
The idea around this is about religion and betrayal - it’s about a world where you must believe in God and if you don’t you die. It’s about not having a personal choice but having your choices chosen for you. It’s about following a path that someone leads you to and not questioning where you’re going but instead just doing as you’re told because you think that’s the only option. It’s an exciting concept piece with several layers.