A beautiful mind

My project concept is about the body being under fear and some results of that is hallucinations. Hallucinations occur when the brain neurotransmitters don't all connect together to create the right information such as knowing what is real and what is being created by the mind. Within the disconnections hallucinations appear conflicting with a persons visual scale, colour, perspective, alignment and judgment. My project explores what it is that they see, how do they see them, and on what scale or angle are they seen.
Therefore A beautiful mind is about exploring something that is not visualised by everyone but can be seen if made into textiles through materials and technique and technology to be worn on the body for womenswear.

This mood board is about recreating my concept through images. Hallucinations comes with shadows of someone walking past but without a clear image of their face, or bright flashes of colour, a larger scale of an object things may also look misaligned, geometric or a combination of imagery and geometric shapes. Here on my mood board it shows shadow, gradient of colours and a surface that looks liquid like with an appearance and disappearance of someone.
To help visualise my concept i've created imagery that portrays my concept using illustrator. Here is both perspective of something real and what the mind fills the gap with such as misalignment, colours and perception.
Some things seen are a combination of events that may have happened through out the day then seen together all at one time. Here it shows layers of different events, making it seem real but protruding.
Geometric hallucinations are simple, really bright and usually doesn't last long and when they appear they usually have a pattern within them. Here i've recreated a scene that is a combination of water, shadow and dots. Reading the book Hallucination by Oliver Sacks, gives great insight into the details of what people with Charles bonnet syndrome hallucinate. This book had helped with my project majorly.
This is my material mood board that shows my colour theme and the direction in which I will be creating my materials, through layers, translucent materials, and composition.
This is my colour palette that I created from my mood board that explores my concept, because colour that are seen are far from whats in real life I created my own palette which eventually gets brighter over time.
Testers of colour palette on materials
Here I started to test all the techniques that I wanted to use from digital to screen printing.

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Terry-Ann Gray

  • Sales assistant

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Terry-Ann Gray
Sales assistant