Brief: Explore photography and set design by creating a campaign for a wacky cake company named A Cake For Any Occasion.
Thoughts: Cake companies all look the same. There! I said it!
They either have polished identities with slow, sexy zoomed in videos and a luxurious price tag, or they're basic, boring and bland. Their braiding is usually beige or pastel. Oh, and don't forget the swirly calligraphy and glitter. I'm bored. A Cake For Any Occasion spices up the market by reinventing how you view celebration cakes. The photographic campaign pokes fun at itself, honours events that aren't so great and reminds you to have fun.

Life is hard, have your cake and eat it too.
'A Cake For Any Occasion' was created during my third year of University at NTU. It was born out of a design-slump and weird obsession/desire to squash cake.

I have always been obsessed with wacky imagery with nods to pop culture and subtle hidden messages, and the creation of 'A Cake For Any Occasion' really fuelled the fire, inspiring me to keep creating obsure imagery of my own.
Copywriting is very important to me - I love how it can make or brake projects and completely change a brands tone and feel.

'A Cake For Any Occasions' copy is humourous yet slightly uncomfortable, endeering yet awkward. It's meant to be playful and inviting, but also slightly reserved and strange.
'A Cake For Any Occasion' was created, art-directed and shot by myself.

Thank you to all my friends for their enthusiasm and patience - especially Sir Tom Knowles and his extremely cake-squashable face (sorry)

Team Credits

Becca Liversidge

  • Graphic Designer


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Becca Liversidge
Graphic Designer