A chat with IPSE's Digital Marketing Executive

What made you want to become a digital marketing executive ?
My previous work experience featured a mix of PR and customer service focused roles and I found that digital marketing was a great avenue for me to be able to flex my creative muscles a bit more whilst blending my experience from those previous roles. I get to create and analyse content like I did in my PR role, except now I have more creative direction and flexibilty. I also get to continue interacting with the same people I would have in a customer service role, but this now in a more fun and engaging way. Ultimately, after trying out different roles, digital marketing seemed like a great next step to take and I’m very happy to have done so.
What’s been the best campaign you’ve worked on at IPSE?
The best campaign I’ve worked on at IPSE was a campaign to generate interest in our annual flagship event, National Freelancers Day. The goal of the event is to celebrate all things freelance, which meant that the promotion around it could be fun and uplifting. The campaign ran for several months leading up to the event and during the event itself, which meant that it had to be multi-faceted and consistently engaging – a good challenge for me!
Please could you give a brief outline of your process?
This campaign ran in stages, starting out with general messaging announcing the event, what to expect, and how to get tickets and eventually moving into a more narrow and targeted approach. These were paired with graphics made by our wonderful graphic design team and some by myself, which aligned with the colourful branding style that had been chosen for the event. These were then used in our social posts and sent to sponsors, ambassadors, and partners who helped us by increasing awareness through their own channels. Following this, we ran a competition for a pair of free tickets, where people simply needed to share our competition social post to enter. This helped us generate a buzz and further increase our reach – through this competition we had many people engaging saying they didn’t previously know this event existed and were excited to find out about it! As the event grew closer, we narrowed down specific audiences and the aspects of the event they would be most interested in, this way we could finish with a more targeted approach and develop more messaging and graphics catered to these groups. Finally, on the day we encouraged people to share their own posts using our hashtag and we made use of live features on social media. Overall this was a huge success for the event itself but also for our organisation as a whole!
What would your dream project be?
Throughout the National Freelancers Day campaign I got to interact with a lot of freelancers and hear their amazing stories – I would love to work on a project that could bring these stories to life and share them with more people! I believe this would really enable our organisation to create a bigger sense of community, plus it’s simply great content!
What’s the most challenging part of digital marketing?
It can be easy to get into a routine with digital marketing and to lose yourself in an idea or project. It’s important to be able to take a step back to do your research, use your analytics, and brainstorm potential campaigns or new approaches. What was once working for you and relevant can sometimes change in a matter of weeks which can definitely be challenging.
What’s been the most rewarding part of your career so far?
I only moved to London about a year and a half ago, so to be able to work for a company like IPSE that values creativity and growth has been an amazing experience and very rewarding in itself! It’s also been very rewarding to have some of my words and images published for hundreds to see.
What career would you have chosen if you couldn’t be a digital marketing executive?
If I wasn’t in digital marketing I would probably be in a PR role – as you are focused on representing your company and so much of our information is digital nowadays, there are many similarities between the roles! There are also many opportunities to be creative in both these roles, however in my experience marketing has allowed for a bit more freedom and fun when it comes to creativity.

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