A Few Quick Tips to Help You Find the Best educational games for kids

DOS has 40+ learning apps that have learning games for toddlers of all ages. Even if your child has any kind of learning difficulties like ADHD or dyslexia, there are plenty of games that they will enjoy including coloring games for kids.

Parenting can be easy and fun when you have the right tools. All parents want what's best for their kids and new-age parenting is all about introducing kids to a number of skills and learnings that will prepare them for the ever-changing world. Since we're in a digitally advanced world, why not use a few digital solutions when it comes to your kids' education? Growing up, kids need a mix of formal education learning games for kids, extracurricular activities, and physical activities so that they're mentally, physically, academically, and socially healthy. While it's important for them to enjoy some television time and playtime, it's also important for their minds to be challenged and stimulated with some learning activities. We merged the two and created some amazing learning games that will pique their interest in learning new concepts. The fun factor of all the games will ensure that their concentration isn’t broken. We understand that kids have a wavering attention span and will maintain their focus as long as they are engaged and interested.
SKIDOS has 40+ learning apps that have learning games for toddlers of all ages. Even if your child has any kind of learning difficulties like ADHD or dyslexia, there are plenty of games that they will enjoy including coloring games for kids. When it comes to finding the right games for your kids, you've got to understand your child's aptitude and interests, after which it's easy to find the best games for them on the SKIDOS apps.
Here's a look at some of our games that are most popular with kids.

1. Animal Coloring Game

Some of the main learning games for 1st graders are coloring activities. Kids who have trouble maintaining their focus and attention because of being hyperactive are able to calm down with coloring activities. Coloring games for kids always brings a sense of relaxation. So, here's a game that's best suited for kids that have learning difficulties. There are adorable animal drawings that can be colored using tools like brushes, crayons, and color pencils. There's a vast color palette along with some fun stickers too that can be added to the final picture. In the game, there are simple math puzzles that will help kids practice and learn a number of basic and advanced math concepts.

2. Car Racing - Cool Math Car Game

Kids with ADHD can also release their built-up energy in a virtual racing game. Typically, activities for kids with ADHD would include video games and outdoor games, so we've made a car racing game similar to the video game but with a twist; it comes with some amazing math learning. After every level, there are math and coding puzzles that the player can solve. The game has many features like customizing and upgrading the monster trucks, choosing from a number of fun landscapes, ad collecting a bunch of rewards and power-ups, making it a cool math car game.

3. Puzzle Game

If you notice that your child is inclined towards creative thinking or if you want to enhance their problem-solving ability, here's a game for you. Everyone loves a good jigsaw puzzle, so we've made a virtual jigsaw puzzle that kids can enjoy. There are a number of puzzles that have pictures of animals in their natural habitat. So, when the puzzle is solved, your child will learn a bit about the animal kingdom too! The game promotes fine motor skills, spatial understanding, and memory. And to add to the learning, there are plenty of simple math puzzles for your preschooler to practice.
Education games are more than just academic; they are designed to build social, emotional, and creative skills in a child as well. Parents must primarily understand what interests the child most - math, language, coloring, puzzles, science, etc. There are games for every interest. Secondly, every game has customizable difficulty levels so when you feel the child has mastered the basics, you've got to move on to the difficult levels to ensure that their minds are challenged and stimulated. Also, if they aren’t challenged they will slowly get bored and disinterested in learning. So, when the time is right, keep challenging them to learn the advanced concepts. Finally, while it's important to provide games that they are interested in, it's also equally important to introduce games to them of other subjects and skills so that they learn new things and become all-rounders. These games will inculcate new-age skills in them that will help them grow up to be confident, well-informed human beings.
With 40+ learning apps, there's nothing you won't find on the SKIDOS apps. Go ahead and check them out today!