A good girl

I’m still, slowly, putting the pieces back together. Who am I if I’m no longer a lawyer?

A yogi, for sure. A writer, too. An artist? I might. I’m puzzling, day by day, my life back together.

The key to everything is honesty.

Persistence. And then honesty.

Persistence in my job. As long as I expect to be seen as a lawyer, I will be. A lawyer. The moment I let go of that definition of my Self, it evaporates into air. And so it is.
Persistence in my relationships. As long as I run from love whenever I get close, I will not live the lesson presented by life. I will not get it. I must live it, persist, surrender. Then, I will learn. Change. Grow. And so it is.
Persistence in my writing. As long as I delete the things I’ve done, I will not grow big. As long as I do not let my readers in, fully, they will not relate to me. As long as I do not present my writing to the world, I will not be seen. And so it is.
Persistence in my Self. As long as I criticize myself for not being good enough, I will not be. Good. Enough. As long as I hide, rather than show, I will not be seen. As long as I whisper, rather than shout, I will not be heard. And so it is.
Persistence in my practice. As long as I do not practice what I teach, I will not succeed. As long as I do not act upon my attitude, I will not be accepted. As long as I look for proof, rather than practice, I will not learn life. And so it is.
And so I must. Go. As long as I delay my trip, I will not get there. As long as I avoid the act of togetherness, I will not learn how to love. As long as I do not learn how to love another, I will not love my Self. And so it is.
I must go. Live. Learn. A lesson.
And so it is.

Let’s do acceptance for a change

I accept

My body, my brain. My job, my jungle.
My mind, my memories. My Self.
I accept.
And so it is.

One day I’ll be a writer with my own office.

And so it is.

I’m at work. A new day. Another office. I moved. I’m OK. I got more privacy, I got me. As long as I got, me, I’ll be fine.
Teo. We’re just friends.
Dash. Try to not fall for her, in a loving way. Be her friend. Just friends. I’m not, falling for her. My love is an addiction. I see it more and more often, how easily I attach to people. Note: I do not commit, I attach. I go along with it for the ride.
Find your center. Find your truth. Find your home. Within your Self, not within others.
Yoga is my AA. It is.
If I want to be someone I need to live somewhere.
Spring. It’s spring time at the office. People work. I write. I don’t get it - how do I get away with it? It must be, the Universe. The Universe in action.
Thank you, Universe, for guiding and supporting me.
And now, back to work.
And so it is.
All I want to do is read and write.
And so it is.
God, give me an office soon.

One day I will no longer identify with my writing but I will still be - a writer

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