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    A Guide To Jet- Lag

    A guide to reducing travel anxiety, muscle tension and the symptoms of jet-lag when travelling including restorative yoga, meditative breathing and gentle massage.
    In consultation with Aviation Health’s Global Medical Director, Dr. Paulo Magalhães Alves, this article focuses on practices that reduce the strain of long-haul flights on the body and mind. As the second installment to our three-part series, this guide aims to curtail the symptoms of jet-lag, muscle tension and travel anxiety.



    The fear of flying is a commonly experienced anxiety shared by many travellers. main concern with flying is anxiety. Like any kind of anxiety, a fear of flying is a self-reinforcing belief that can induce stress symptoms in the body. To alleviate travel-stress, Dr Paulo Alves recommends the following tips:
    i. Preparation
    The passenger experience begins well before the flight, therefore good planning is paramount. ▪ Simple practices like packing in advance, booking transportation and checking in online can reduce unnecessary stress and set the tone for a positive journey.
    ii. Mindfulness
    Paying attention to your state of mind is a key step to instilling emotional calm and relieving travel tension. ▪ To center your mind and disengage from external stressors we suggest deep breathing. Encouraging full oxygen exchange, focused breathing helps to lower the heart rate and blood pressure, promoting feelings of relaxation.


    Focusing On the Breath
    Begin by taking a regular breath. Then, deepening your breath, inhale slowly through your nose for  four counts, allowing your chest and lower belly to rise as you fill your lungs. Letting your abdomen expand fully.
    Then, breathe out slowly for four counts, through your mouth or nose. Once you have brought the breath into focus, you can move on to regular practice of controlled breathing. Sitting with your eyes closed, combine deep breathing with an affirmation that helps you to feel calm and still.
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