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  • ALASTAIR Nicol
  • Celine Pierron
  • Thomas Noah

A quiet morning at home. One breath of scent ignites long-lost memories. Triggering a journey into a surreal world of London dreams. Shot close to John’s family home in Peckham, south London; everyone featured in the film was hand-picked by John. Scent triggers powerful memories. And for John, the most potent memories always bring him home. “The story lies in the magic, the opportunity and the undeniable spirit found all over London, says John. ‘There is raw talent, energy and inspiration on every corner and it certainly affected me, my view of life and my approach to work.” For him, the city is the real star of the show: “In London, anything is possible.” This film supposes that hidden enchantment is sometimes not so hidden. If we just slow down long enough to believe…

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