A Moment of Creativity

  • Andreas Solomou
  • Monika Albers

Education is killing creative and the system traditionally focuses on academic studies. LEGO wants to provide what education is neglecting by ensuring teenagers are having moments of creativity throughout their day. A Moment of Creativity is a campaign that fills teenagers days with bursts of creativity, ensuring teens have a proportion of their day dedicated to imaginative thoughts, getting them back in touch with their creative side.

Out of home advertising provides teenagers with small bursts of creativity as their day goes by. The ads ask 'what do you see' enabling them to use their creative mind and adapts their regular way of thought.
In areas with more space, ads will show teens the endless possibilities of what they could see, widening thier creative mind
This concept is translated onto social media advertising, enabling teenagers it have moments of creativity  whilst scrolling through social media
Scanning QR codes from OOH ads or swiping up on digital ads, viewers are introduced to LEGO's new platform 'A Moment of Creativity'. This platform is a challenge were teens can build their creativity skills whist at the same time solve real world issues. LEGO will send teenagers daily creative reminders and challenges acting as their daily moment of creativity, and teens must create solutions for these using LEGO

Through this platform LEGO ensures teenagers are spending a proportion of the day dedicated creativity.
The communication for this challenge is all through text message, meaning no app or extension download. LEGO will send teenagers their daily creative reminders and challenges and teens can reply back to LEGO with their solutions or any questions they have.

Throughout this challenge everybody is a winner, once teenagers have completed the challenge that able to claim your reward which can be found on their account online. Here they can redeem reward for their favourite stores.

Over time, this moment will turn into a lifestyle of imaginative and innovative thinking, providing teenagers with the creative mindset to tackle important change.