'A View at Once So Lofty and So Banal'

  • Siavash Minoukadeh
  • alice baxter

An exhibition of four young artists, linked by their approach to the ordinary and everyday. Co-curated by me.

I co-curated this exhibition for a platform set up by my friend and myself. Being a digital exhibition, this required me to begin by creating a website and digital platform from scratch. I also created a graphic identity for social media that was intended to be vivid and dyanmic that would tie in with the website's identity.

Once the open call had been put out, I then created a publicity strategy to ensure it reached artists. Having receieved submissions, we then selected and organised works to best highlight their approach to the ordinary.
The final steps of the project involved speaking to the artists and writing the exhibition literature and creating a marketing strategy, especially using social media, to publicise the final result.

The exhibition can be viewed here