A1 Slovenia - For Amazing Moments, You Don't Want to Miss

In today’s connected world, where communication is increasingly relying on technology, not missing out on amazing moments and experiences is of the utmost importance. That's why A1 offers a reliable 4G / LTE network that makes sharing those moments and experiences as fast as possible.

The 360 campaign built upon the brand's "The Start of Something Amazing" platform.
The story focuses on a grandson sharing an intimate experience with his grandfather on the other side of the country. The fireflies flying across various Slovenian landscapes and invoking amazing transformations along the way represent the swiftness, strength, and coverage of A1's 4G / LTE network.
Client: A1 Slovenija
Agency: Grey Ljubljana
Strategic Director: Spela Zorz
Executive Creative Director: Petra Krulc
Creative Directors: Luka Bajs, Petra Krulc
Art Director: Matija Primc
Copywriters: Bor Klemenc Mencin, Luka Bajs and Petra Krulc
Designers: Anja Korosec, Ales Vrbancic and Sara Mlakar
Production: Kinomotel


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