To celebrate it’s iconic, Andy Warhol Limited Edition bottle, Absolut collaborated with Punchdrunk and Somethin Else to create ‘Silverpoint’ – an ‘absolutely’ genius, app-based game, inspired by early sketches done by Warhol himself.

To help support Absolut’s broader marketing plan, Jack ran a six week, four sheet poster campaign across London, featuring the original sketches by Warhol. The campaign was rolled out over three phases, starting with the ‘teaser’, followed by the ‘reveal’, and finally the branded execution.Alongside the posters, Jack also executed a two phased assisted discovery, placing Polaroid’s inside key venues such as bars, cafes, music stores, as well as outside on street furniture. The idea behind this was so that people could ‘discover’ the game, rather than having a leaflet pushed in front of them – we targeted specific venues across London, which were involved in the Silverpoint game.