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To drive wine sales in the undeveloped opportunity segment
of Millennials, we first gained insight into their alcohol drinking habits.

We found they didn’t understand the mysterious and complicated language of wine, neither did they have the time or patience to read the back of the bottle to find out more. Our approach was to democratise the language, removing the snobbery associated with wine and demystifying the tasting notes on the back of bottles. We took a back to front approach, simplifying and moving the descriptions to the front of the bottle, proudly and boldly translating this once complex information and using emotive typography to help Millennials ‘taste’ the wine without opening the bottle.

The simple design approach achieved the highest consumer appeal and acceptance scores Accolade had ever seen in research. After launch in the home market of Australia (that exceeded all expectations), the client immediately looked for other suitable territories and the range has since launched in the US with further roll-out planned.

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