AOL/Huffington Post Media Group
The annual overall target for the patch I worked in was approximately 7 million.
Broken down quarterly this was approximately 1.5 - 2 million per quarter.
Achievements Sainsbury’s
I was responsible for the management of 1.1 million pound annual partnership deal.
I was solely on charge of ensuring the delivery and success of all campaign elements. This involved the organisation and coordination of all internal and external parties involved. The CEO of AOL/Huffington Post was involved in the negotiation of the deal, therefore making it a high profile campaign within AOL.
Campaign elements included: Spring Active Kids - AOL Mail takeovers Easter - Bespoke content hub + multiple homepage takeovers Summer - Bespoke content hub + multiple homepage takeovers Halloween - Bespoke content hub + multiple homepage takeovers Christmas - Bespoke content hub + multiple homepage takeovers
The project also involved regular presentations to the client with results and suggestions to add additional activity e.g. more home pages.
In addition, there was a separate project to drive traffic to a new food website Sainsbury’s were launching. There was a strict program to grow the traffic numbers and I had to ensure that we reached the agreed numbers. This involved multiple meetings with internal department’s editorial/operations to ensure delivery.
Nissan (Sponsorship)
I managed a 3 month homepage sponsorship deal worth 200k. The sponsorship ran across AOL UK and the Huffington Post UK homepages.
The campaign involved multiple creative changes and a number of bespoke creative builds.
I was responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the project, managed the multiple creative changes which required the solving of a number of technical elements between the creative agency and our internal operations teams.
Virgin Media (Partnership)
I managed a partnership deal between Virgin Media and Huffington Post Entertainment which was worth 100k.
I was solely responsible for the campaign set up and delivery and worked with a number of internal teams including Operations and Editorial to achieve the best results.
I also had to report directly to the senior agency contact as well as the client on a weekly basis.
Initially booked to run for 3 months, the client decided to extend the partnership for a further 2 months because they were really happy with the result we had presented. This was mainly due to the traffic numbers and subsequent engagement results. I worked with the editorial team to ensure that we were posing the right content at the right times to generate results for the client.
John Lewis
We had an ongoing campaign for this client worth approx. 15-20k per month.
The client wanted to pull the campaign as they were not seeing the CTR rates they wanted. I worked with my sales contact to find alternative options for them so that we could retain the budget.
We presented a plan to the agency which involved shifting the client from the traditional areas they booked and moving those to new areas which would drive higher CTR’s. The client agree and I worked to ensure that their campaign was achieving the required results. The agency and clients were happy with the results and increased monthly investment to 30k monthly as a result.
Apple iPad mini (Sponsorship)
I managed the campaign launch for Apple’s new iPad Mini across the UK and USA and Europe. I had to coordinate the timed launch for all sectors from London. This involved dealing with multiple media agency contacts, the Apple client direct as well as US colleagues tot in various time zones to organise the launch
Apple had a bespoke creative idea for the sponsorship which required Yahoo to change the backend of all pages so that they could accommodate the Apple creative. This involved dealing with technical teams on both sides as well as the creative agencies. As the main point of contact it was my responsibility to ensure smooth communication between all parties and ensure that all technical issues were
JC Decaux (Sponsorship)
I managed the rebranding campaign for when Norwich Union changed their name to Aviva.
The campaign consisted of a complete takeover of London Waterloo station for maximum exposure. This included all the largest advertising spaces as well as vinyl floor installations and escalator wraps.
I was solely responsible for dealing with the media agency, creative agency, client, Waterloo marketing team, Waterloo Health and Safety team as well as our own internal operations and installation teams to ensure success.


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