Adapt or Die

  • Sophie Goodwin
  • Kevin Johns
The Adapt or Die brief was a brief set by Elmwood and gave us a scenario for 2026, and a service that we had to re-brand or redirect in order to survive the scenario of 2026. The scenario I was given was ‘The High-street is dead’ and the service I was given was a multi-storey car park.
Having decided that a multi-storey car park wouldn’t be needed if the high street was dead, I redirected my service into the Entertainment Industry, re-branding it as a drive-in cinema. Although this is something that is considered to be ‘retro’, I concluded that this would actually be desirable as a large proportion of the market are quite nostalgic.

Furthermore, creating a drive-in cinema would still relate to the original concept of a multi-storey car park by ‘storing’ cars, but would continue to invite a market of 2026, albeit with a different approach.

The name ‘Cinemotor’ was created with the intention to incorporate the word ‘motor’, in order to further this idea of nostalgia, whilst the modern typeface visually communicates to a modern-day audience of 2026.

To support the brand, I created an indent and a digital advertising campaign, as well as print advertising.
DISCLAIMER: I do not own the audio for the Cinemotor Indent, nor the original visual or audio content for the advert, however I have used these to enhance my deliverables and manipulated them to create my own work for a University project. Where possible I have credited the original sources on my website:

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