Adidas NMD_

  • Tevin Akinyemi

During my time at Intermarketing Agency (, Adidas asked us to create campaigns for both print and film advertising for their new NMD shoe. The clients wanted the feel of the ad to be around movement and speed. Below was the idea I had created for the campaign.


ABOUT IDEA...The #Noboundaries is based on not confining into the 'status quo'. It's encouraging our consumer to expand and break out of that box they're to fit into.
#Noboundaries is telling our audience to keep setting boundaries, and standing out. We're aiming to sell the shoe on the concept of it having a purpose to serve rather than just being a lifestyle shoe. I purposely based the idea around storytelling. Thus, selling the product to our consumers as a feeling of wearing the shoe rather than the actuality of all its cool features.
Consequently, taking the audience on a journey of discovery and providing them with all the components they need to become part of the actual story.

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