ADT Break In

  • Ava-Lien Shoshan
  • Eleanor Farish

ADT is a high end security system. We found that people don’t tend to consider high quality expensive security systems until AFTER they’ve been burgled, because people just don’t look at their homes in the same way that burglars do. Burglars see weaknesses that home owners can’t. Introducing: 'ADT Break In' In order to beat the burglar you must be the burglar. Give victims the tools to have the upper hand. ​​​​​​​ ADT Escape room VR experience: A pop up challenge around cities for people to go with their families & friends. Designed with ex convicted burglars. The aim is to break in. If you think like a burglar, you can beat a burglar. The better your performance, the better your deal for ADT security. You need it.

With each VR Escape Room experience people will get a handout with information and their discount code to take away.
Everyone loves to post about the cool thing they did today...
We will also have a game version available in the app store for both Android and IOS,  The app gives people a chance to play for a discount from the comfort of their own home.
The app will be advertised on facebook, targeting people who live in high risk areas and might not know it. As well as having a FB event alerting and giving people the details of the VR escape room experience.