Adventure Guru Greg - GoPro Chatbot

  • Radina Galabova

If GoPRo had a chatbot, what would its purpose be and how will it sound?

BRIEF: Create a Facebook Messenger Chatbot experience for GoPro, targeting adventure seekers. Show the value of messaging to help drive awareness and engagement with the brand – through the Facebook Messenger experience bringing people closer to adventure. Encourage users to actively engage with the brand and actively seek out adventure.
IDEA: The most engaging chatbot experiences are the once that are truly useful to the target audience, as well a the ones with the most distinct tone of voice and fun responses, like Poncho The Weathercat . So I thought, what would GoPro customers and adventure seekers find useful and what kind of character would they want to keep engaging with, from GoPro’s perspective. Adventure seekers, like pro travellers, get an idea about where they want to go and immediately go and chat to one of their traveller friends or go to a trusted blog/website to get more information. GoPro can’t provide them with all that information but it can provide them with tons of inspiration (that is already available on the Youtube channel) that the chatbot can filter and suggest to them for their next destination, along with some handy tips for the specific trip they are doing. And thus, GoPro’s Adventure Guru Greg was born.
Never did a chatbot concept before this and had no idea where to start and what I could propose in terms of functionality.
Chatting to chatbots for research purposes, like Poncho The Weather Cat.