"An Akward Bea­uty" is a 5 pieces womenswear collection whose aim is to propose a new conception of beauty. Inspiration is drawn from Japanese Noh Theatre costumes, in which actors embody the spirit of their ancestors by wearing a mask, and pictures of those who can be considered ghosts in nowadays society, that is: homeless and mad people, specifically Diane Arbus' Halloween series of portraits. Cocoon silhouette and eggy volumes hide the body, covered by several layers of garments made of contrasting textures: the lightest of the silks is combined with hemp and laser-marked tapestry velvet, pleats and plissé are embellished with bold prints, while selvedges and other production scraps are used as finishings for pockets and hemlines. The result is an armonious but striking aesthetic, whose purpose is to show how beauty can be found and emerge from unconventional fields and subjects, thus looking even stonger because of its epiphanic and unexpected origins.


Chiara Iacobelli

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