Ancient Deities

  • Callin Mackintosh

Identity and invite design for Ancient Deities, an exhibition at Arusha Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland. The exhibition identity takes inspiration from ancient alphabets and deity symbolism, exploring their simple, geometric forms. The selected display typeface feels both primitive and alien much like the gods themselves. The addition of a crucifix and inverted crucifix in place of the letter ’T' represents the good and evil of these mythological beings. The folded concertina invite works as a poster on the front with all additional exhibition details on the reverse. Ancient Deities 10.09–18.10.2020 Rhiannon Rebecca Salisbury and Arusha Gallery have called upon eighteen selected artists to invoke and create an ancient deity. The chosen deity from each artist as reflected in new artworks (painting, sculpture, sound and installation) are presented in a new group exhibition which seeks to reawaken a host of awe inspiring and mystical entities, bringing them back to the forefront of people’s consciousness.