• Sophie May

Edito for Puma mayu release by Ancré magazine Photo : Aurélie Chantelly

The PUMA MAYU is inspired by a pair of legend, the PUMA SUEDE.
A timeless pair of shoe, which marked and crossed generations.
The concept of the MAYU brings its own touch to our time while remaining close to characteristics that have made SUEDE an icon.
As a way to honor and celebrate his "predecessor" with a new definition.
This is how we wanted to bring this edito around generation/transmission by representing women of a family on 3 different generations in a solar and family atmosphere.
Because even if we represent our own time, we are indeed the product of our ancestors.
A warm edito for the heart and the season.

A.D. : Sophie Tracy May
Photo : Aurélie Chantelly


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