Aniridia Network Charity

  • Purdie Gibson

Brand Identity

The Aniridia Network is the only charity dedicated to people in the UK affected by aniridia.

Aniridia is the rare eye disease that noticeably causes people to lack irises (the coloured part of the eye). It also means the eye never fully develops which in turn causes other eye related diseases and developmental issues.

The Aniridia Network in conjunction with Aniridia Europe hold a biannual conference that brings together the world’s top ophthalmologists, scientists, researchers and geneticists from around the globe.
Working with the head of communications and marketing, James Buller (who has aniridia himself), it was my task to update an existing logo design for the 5th biannual event to be held in August 2020.

Through the process of research, investigation and examining the disease and the charity sector I developed a simple and accessible brand identity. This was supported by clear brand guidelines, collateral such as t-shirt designs and promotional banners and Google Slide templates.

The outcome for The Aniridia Network was an updated and professional brand identity and materials that set them on the right path to achieving their sponsorship goals which would fund the conference to go ahead.