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  • Christopher Spring

AIB is a brand originally created by Christopher Spring as a blog in 2015 to document all things artistic happening in Brighton. At it's peak it had 2 reviews a month, a special feature on various projects happening in Brighton, an events page and various other political features including an in-depth feature on the Hummingbird Project's work in the Calais Jungle. This, coupled with a bi-weekly radio show on 1BTN and TV show on Latest TV meant that AIB became the "go-to" for all visual arts in the area. With no financial support it managed to garner 5k followers across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook plus a newsletter and was given it's own stall at Brighton Art Fair where I interviewed artists across the weekend and premiered it's concept magazine. Highlights include comprehensive coverage of The Great Escape music festival 2017, including interviews with Yonaka [Atlantic], Slaves [Virgin] and Sampa The Great. Plus interviews with all of the biggest artistic institutions in Brighton; including Fabrica, The Lighthouse, Brighton Museum, Brighton Festival, Brighton Fringe (all featured interviews with curators and creative directors). Now it works as an advert for some of his creative services for artists and musicians acting as a consultancy for creative ideas. All branding and design including the website, graphics and layout is my own. Find out more:

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